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Painting has been Suzanne's lifelong passion. She started as a child studying with her mother and went on to study at The Corcoran Art School in Washington D.C. She continues to this day to paint almost daily in her home studio. Suzanne's style is Abstract Expressionism and she presently uses acrylic paint, inks, oil pastels and other mixed media. Her paintings are done on canvas, board and finished clay sculptures. 

These paintings are about story telling, color combinations, design. Layering paints, papers, inks, cloth and fired clay pieces builds the history of a particular story. Sometimes the story and images are clear but more often it is determined by each viewer and what they see in the paintings. A two dimensional piece of art can come alive, stir old memories or stimulate new ones. There is a point in time where the "story" takes form and helps determine the rest of the painting. This is an enjoyable experience that I look forward to with each new painting. I continue to look for the best incarnation of my experiences and aesthetic. My shapes are grounded in observation, yet obscured in a way that guarantees curiosity and interest.

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