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Suzanne is best known for nature inspired unique figurative and abstract sculptures hand built with clay, glazed, painted and sometimes adorned with found objects. Suzanne uses sculpture clay suitable for indoor and outdoor displays and fires the clay to a mid-range temperature.  She first started using clay in a sculpture class in college and later went on to study Ceramics at the Corcoran Gallery Art School in Washington D.C. 

Learning to throw pottery on an electric wheel and handbuilding sculptures at the Corcoran Gallery Art School in Washington D.C. was the beginning of my fascination and love of working with clay as a medium for my art expressions. Native American Indian Pottery was collected by my family and no doubt had a positive effect on my appreciation of clay forms. I sought out workshops with San Ildefonso Pueblo artist Maria Martinez and her family to learn about their traditions of hand digging, mixing, shaping and pit firing their exquisite black on black pottery. Their methods and respect for the earth had a profound effect on my consciousness and my way of working with this medium. I  continue to work on zero waste and properly dispose of glaze chemicals. Often I use paint on my sculptures instead of glaze and this feeds my passion for painting.

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